Please read the following steps carefully to apply for the rental property you are interested in

STEP 1. Download the rental application document click here

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STEP 3. Email it to rentals@bellacoastalproperty.com.au

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Please note that the application above is in PDF Format. If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer, you will first need to download it before viewing this Tenancy Application.




What you need to know before renting a residential property

Before you rent a residential premises, you should be aware of a range of issues that may affect that property and impose restrictions or obligations on you, if your application is successful. 

This checklist aims to help you identify whether any of these issues will affect you.  The questions are a starting point only and you may need to do further investigation to ensure the property you are applying for is suitable for you.

Is the property subject to an owners corporation? ie. strata managed

If the property is part of a subdivision with common property such as driveways or grounds, it may be subject to an owners corporation. You may be required to follow rules that restrict what you can do on the property, such as a ban on pet ownership, where residents and guests can park, upkeep on the garden etc.

Is the property located in a building area?

Being in a building area will be subject to noise both during the week and on weekends.  Please refer to the EPA website for further information on types of acceptable noise and times in which this noise can be made.  Being in a building area will also create dirt and dust in and around the property.  This requires regular attention by the resident to ensure the property is keep in a reasonable condition i.e. cleaning filters on air conditioners and heaters (as per owner’s manual) etc.

Is the property located in a unit/townhouse block?

Being in a townhouse/unit block living environment, it is likely that you will hear the goings on from neighbours.  For instance, foot steps from above residents, doors closing from surrounds residents, bins wheeling out & in to street, chatter from residents on balconies etc.

Does the property have a newly completed garden? 

This will require regular watering and upkeep and as such may affect the cost of your water bills.  You may also require tools such as lawn mowers, whipper snipper, hoses etc.

Does the property have gas or is it run on electricity alone?

This will affect your power bills which may end of being higher than you have paid in the past.

Can a business be run from the property? 

You will need to check if council permission is required and if a business being run from the property will affect the landlords insurance on the property.  You as the resident will also require suitable insurance to cover both the contents of the property and the business.

Please be aware that the lease agreement is a residential lease only.  If you intend on running a business from the property you must obtain prior approval from the landlord.


Does the property have NBN installed at the property (mainly for new builds)?  If not, you will be up for a New Development connection fee.  The landlord MAY reimburse this cost however they are not obligated to do so.

Does the property have an active phone line connected to the property?  If not, you may be up for a connection fee.  The landlord MAY reimburse this cost however they are not obligated to do so.

Does the property have an antenna on the roof?  If not, TV may be run through fibreoptic connection.  Please discuss this with your provider or refer to NBNCo or Opticomm websites to determine which NBN distributor connects your area.

Does the property have Foxtel?  If not, you must seek approval from the landlord prior to having Foxtel installed.  If the premises is in an estate or body corporate there may be regulations against satellite dishes.

Will your furniture fit?

It is recommended to take measurements while inspecting the property to ensure furniture such as lounge suits and fridges will fit in the space provided, up stairs or through doors.

Do you have pets?

You will need to ensure the property is pet friendly and has suitable provisions in place for pets.  For instance, is the property full fenced?  Is there enough room for your pet?  Is there enough shelter for you pet?  Are the internal floors subject to damage from pets i.e. bamboo flooring?