There are a number of tips to follow to ensure you achieve the maximum possible sale price for your property:

Factors YOU control:

* Presentation, motivation, price.

Factors NO ONE can control:

* Location, competing properties, market conditions.

Factors WE control:

*  The marketing plan, communication, negotiation skills.

Presentation is key: You don’t have to spend a great deal of time or money to make sure your home looks its best. A fresh coat of paint, well-tended gardens, minor repairs, a spring clean and de-cluttering will make a big difference to buyers’ first impressions.

Depersonalise: Buyers will be trying to envisage themselves living in the homes they inspect and it’s hard to do so when faced with a sellers personal items.

Get a building and pest inspection: Whilst not a legal requirement a building and pest report allows you to find out any problems that may be turn off to buyers and offers you the opportunity to put in order if and  where necessary. A clear report is a big plus when selling.

Timing of sale: First and foremost, timing depends on YOU.  When you are ready to sell is the key determinant here. Depending on the location and style of your property, it may be more beneficial to sell at a certain time of year. There are certainly seasons where your home may look and feel ‘better’ but in traditionally quieter months (Winter) you may have less competition and often still the same demand.  Real buyers don’t hibernate.

So work together with your agent and be guided based on your requirements and listen to the advice offered by your agent. Remember they are the ones working in the market place very day!