Professional Photography and Editing

Vendors expect their property to be showcased to a high standard during an advertising campaign in order to achieve the best possible price. With my professional photographic and editing skills, you can achieve and surpass vendor’s expectations.
As they say ….“ a picture speaks a thousand words”


  • Photography
  • Home stying
  • Floor Plans
  • Twilight photography
  • Team Shots
  • Post Production and Image retouching
  • Highlight and Accentuate key areas
  • Home Styling
  • Drone/Aerial Photography

Professional photos are invaluable if you want a jaw-dropping campaign that attracts more buyers and helps secure a higher price – reason enough to go pro for your next marketing campaign!

More and more prospective buyers are now viewing property on the internet, and many will make their inspection shortlist based upon what they see there. Progressively more sellers are now realising the importance that high quality photographs have on the successful sale of their property. Professional photos can mean the difference to being on a buyer’s shortlist or not.

Presentation Checklist